Smoked Menominee

Whenever we visit “Up North” Mr. Tess and I like to stop at The Big Stone Bay Fishery to stock up on fresh Great Lakes whitefish, smoked menominee, and fish sausage. He went up by himself to help close the cottage for the season. It was an early warning of the leaf-color soon to come to us in Southern Michigan. He spent a long weekend up there and came home with lots of great fish.

This fish is great served on crackers or bread as an appetizer. The leftovers are nice on rice or in a pasta salad. Be sure to drink a lot: smoked fish is rather salty…

3 thoughts on “Smoked Menominee

  1. What kind of fishy is this one Tess? It looks a little like a trout but skinny…maybe being smoked is slimming for a fish. My Mark cannot be send out for fish. One Christmas he was given the task of buying a smoked trout as I was frantically cooking, cleaning, wrapping…he rang from the shops to ask how much of it I wanted. I said – all of it, you goose! He came home with about a yard of sliced smoked salmon! We ate it for a fortnight in every possible sort of dish. Finally the mere mention of smoked anything made people leave the table.

  2. Oh! Ask a silly question! It’s menominee of course. Should read the post title instead of just gawking at the picture. Sorry, Tess.

    • LOL
      I’m flattered that you were engaged by my less than stellar pictures…

      I don’t know if you in Australia have fish similar to this one. It is somewhat oily, but with the regulations in the U.S. it is very much more salty than my father’s cousin used to make as smoked fish. Ah well. Neither J nor I are fishers so we don’t make that really fabulous smoked fish ourselves.

      As for the yard of smoked trout, Mr. J came back with $20 of fish: far more than we could eat before it went bad. We sort of forgot about it. I wish I’d shared some with friends.

      Oh and how soon Thanksgiving (U.S. holiday in November) and Christmas are impending. Holidays are such family/personal issues. Ugh. I would like to invite my internet friends to join us!

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