Risotto Rice and Rices

brown rice
Nishiki is a medium-grain rice from California. It is similar to Japonica and is often used for Japanese-style cooking.

rice info
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rice see united states


6 thoughts on “Risotto Rice and Rices

  1. Great post, Tess! I am a rice-lover, and was fascinated by the mixed rice/grains you described – I bet they taste delicious!

    I need to perfect my preparation of black rice (the Forbidden rice of China), because so far my attempts turned up with mushy rice. Tasty, but wrong texture.

    • Interesting. I have not had trouble with the Forbidden rice, but wild rice is another thing. It always overcooks and splits open. Tasty, but it should not burst! I recently bought some sort of red rice: I think it is Chinese but it doesn’t have any instructions for cooking it. Any ideas?

    • I love all kinds of rice, but being the pasta queen it is always for me something to eat for a change. Oh but then there is bread. And barley. and potatoes. and couscous. and bulgar, millet, and cornmeal… So many choices.

      The placemats were on clearance for less than $1 each. Nice graphic design and they go through the dishwasher perfectly. Genuine plastic LOL.

  2. I love it that you got the Doctor, then Rose and then Jackie on the 3 shots of the same screen!

    • If you click that pic, then you can see another view closer bigger up sort of like a short staircase. and if you hover over the caption you get the info about the characters. coding nonsense that probably I am the only one who sees it.

      I’m so behind on posting to my blog I don’t even remember which episode of Doctor Who that was…

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