Chicken Soup, Chicken Sandwich

A meal we won’t forget:
Take your groggy patient home from the hospital.
In a saucepan with
30 years of dents and burns,
heat 2 cups chicken stock. Use a knife sharpened by him for decades, to chop a marinated chicken thigh.
Peel a medium tomato, from the garden bed he built, chop coarsely. Add the solid ingredients, heat, and serve.
So that lovely recipe for Japanese marinated chicken thighs from the Portuguese (chicken namban) rescues dinner on another busy day.
Make a sandwich!Check out the post to see how great this recipe is:
To Serve Cold:
Slice the marinated thighs, arrange attractively in dishes, arrange the onions with the meat, and pour a generous amount of the vinegar marinade over.
Serve the chicken slices over a salad. Plain lettuce, or greens and slices of grilled vegetables. Dress with a bit of the marinade.
Or put slices of chicken in baby endive leaves—like a wrap, and dip them in the marinade.
Or use sliced chicken on Hiyashi Chukasoba instead of chasu or ham.
Or to Serve Hot:
Reheat the chicken and the marinade (microwave or oven). Serve it with fried potatoes and smooth French-style mustard.
Or serve the sliced chicken with mashed sweet potatoes.

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