Shabu Shabu Christmas

It’s been many years since I decorated for Christmas. The daughter was in high school with friends and activities of her own. I had to beg for help putting up the decorations. It occurred to me then that Christmas decorations are actually quite gaudy and tasteless: when else does one display fake swags of evergreens, flashing lights, shiny bulbs and baubles, and tacky santas? It was February by the time I managed to take down all that mess by myself and vowed never to bother again.

This year has been different. I discovered the faux stained glass installation I made in 1979. I’d displayed them for several years, then we moved to apartments/house with small windows so they went into deep storage. When I found them a few weeks ago, my first impulse was, “Bah! Humbug!” and toss them into the recycle bin. But both husband and daughter said, “NO!!”

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Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
to all

9 thoughts on “Shabu Shabu Christmas

  1. Gosh so beautiful. The birds and angels are very moving. I love the arcs and bubble shapes in the wings of both. The angels with the black panel in their dresses are my favourite. And fascinating to read the methodology and life story behind them. Best wishes to you and yours this season Tess.

    • Hi Carolyn.
      Happy new year and sweet cherries / apricots to you.
      The angels with the black panels are my favorites too: me from decades ago might be an influence on me today. They are very 2-dimentional, but as I look at them the lines indicate some visual perspective.
      Saving these paper things is sort of a communication from my past.
      Have a happy new year my friend!
      love tess

  2. Love this post! I hope your readers won’t skip the story to be found by scrolling below each picture. I’m moved by a bit of nostalgia, but also by appreciation of the years you’ve filled with beauty and intelligence. You can delete this if it’s embarrassing.

  3. Tess
    I have very fond memories of these stained glass beauties. We celebrated a new generation in our family and I recall it was a merry and beautiful Christmas.

  4. Tess, these are beautiful. You should see how tacky are Christmas ornaments are–almost on purpose. I love Imagine–such depth of perspective in it. But I also love Nole Trellis cuz it looks like a Joseph Cornell box with angels hanging in it.

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi Emily,
      Just this evening, I was just trying to remember your description of the “Noel Trellis” because it’s still sitting in the dining room—already the short month of February is nearly ended. I knew there was a reason I gave up decorating for Christmas years ago!!! LOL it may show up in your mailbox, literally…

  5. Thank you.
    This is always an enjoyable art/craft to make and not so difficult. Who doesn’t enjoy light shining through colors.

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